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Regular Wheel Alignments Are Recommended

As you drive along on your daily commute, do you find that your Hyundai’s wheel is dragging more than usual? Are you having to adjust your vehicle’s steering wheel several times over one drive? Is it beginning to wobble once you reach high speeds? If you’re running into any of these issues and can’t seem to remember your last alignment service, our authorized Hyundai service center in St. Louis Park is here to help with all of your Hyundai alignment service needs. 

To ensure a safe driving experience, it’s important to keep up with regular alignment service for your Hyundai. Here are some signs that you may need to schedule a Hyundai alignment service. 

Signs You Need a Hyundai Wheel Alignment

When you schedule a Hyundai alignment service, you’ll not only be protecting your vehicle but yourself and your passengers as well. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Sudden impacts: Potholes are your Hyundai’s most devious enemy. If you find yourself hitting potholes often on your commute, you could be causing damage to your suspension components, which will throw your chassis out of alignment. These suspension components should be replaced before any alignment service is performed. 
  • Worn out parts: Suspension parts will wear down over time under completely normal operating conditions. Some of the Hyundai suspension parts that will eventually need to be replaced are ball joints, control arm bushings, tie-rod ends, sway bar bushings, wheel bearings, and upper strut mounts. Before performing a Hyundai alignment service, the certified technicians at our service center will perform a visual inspection and test on your vehicle’s suspension components to ensure that the chassis is ready to be aligned.

Even if these signs aren’t currently present in your Hyundai, we encourage you to proactively take your Hyundai in for an alignment on a regular basis. When your vehicle is properly aligned, your tires will last longer and produce more optimal fuel-efficient results.

Why Visit Our Hyundai Service Center in St. Louis Park

Morrie’s 394 Hyundai has a service center that will meet your expectations and surprise you with our superior repair services. We always place our customer’s satisfaction as a top priority, and our service center has a commitment to providing customers with excellent response times. Our team will work tirelessly to keep your Hyundai operating at its peak while you remain up-to-date throughout the process. 

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When your Hyundai is in need of an alignment service, our Hyundai service center is here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at our St. Louis Park dealership to schedule an appointment today.

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