What Is the Right Tire Pressure for My Hyundai?

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Your vehicle’s tires are arguably one of its most important parts as without them, you couldn’t drive on the Minneapolis roads or anywhere efficiently. To ensure that you continue driving smoothly, it’s important to keep up with proper tire care, which includes making sure that your tires have the right amount of pressure inside of them. For most Hyundai vehicles, the recommended amount of tire pressure is 32-35 pounds per square inch (PSI), but this number can vary depending on the type of car you drive and other factors. Learn about general tire-care tips with the service experts at Morrie's 394 Hyundai, including the TPMS Hyundai feature.

Hyundai TPMS Feature

Your TPMS Hyundai feature is designed to help you keep up with the current condition of your vehicle’s tires. TPMS stands for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” and is a feature that uses sensors to carefully monitor how much air pressure is in your tires at all times. If your tires are underinflated, then you’ll see the TPMS light flash on your dashboard. Usually, this symbol looks like a yellow tire with an exclamation mark in the middle. If you see a tire flashing red, then this means that the tire is in need of assistance.

How to Perform a Hyundai TPMS Reset

After you’ve had your Hyundai tires filled with the correct amount of air pressure, you may still see your TPMS Honda light flashing. This is quite common, and it usually just means that the light needs to be reset. If you’re sure that your tires are filled with the correct amount of pressure, perform any of the following to complete a Hyundai TPMS reset:

Drive Test: 

  1. Drive around for about 10 minutes at around 50 mph.
  2. This should cause the system to reset for the next drive after you turn your car on again.

TPMS Button Test: 

  1. Flip the key to the “On” position without starting the car.
  2. Hold down the Hyundai TPMS reset button until you see the light blink three times.
  3. Start the vehicle, and wait about 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh.

Tire Inflation Test: 

  1. Inflate each tire to about 3 PSI over the recommended amount.
  2. Deflate all of your tires.
  3. Once all tires are deflated, inflate them back up with the appropriate amount of pressure.

Battery Test: 

  1. Open the hood, and locate the battery.
  2. Disconnect the positive battery cable using a wrench.
  3. Turn the vehicle on.
  4. Honk the horn for about 3-5 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the cable.

If you’d rather have our experts at Morrie's 394 Hyundai perform a Hyundai TPMS reset, then schedule service with our team online, or visit us near Richfield.

Other Hyundai Tire Pressure Tips

Low tires can lead to less traction on the Minnetonka roads, lower fuel efficiency, and overall less efficient performance. To prevent all of these things, take a look at some of these tire-care tips:

  • Check your tire pressure at least once a week.
  • Tires can usually lose about 1-2 PSI per month, but this number can vary depending on driving habits.
  • Extremely cold temperatures can cause fluctuations in your tire pressure.
  • If you find yourself constantly having to refill your tires, then it’s possible that there’s a hole or a nail somewhere in the tire.

Learn more about tire care or general service and parts information with the team at Morrie's 394 Hyundai. For all of your service needs, trust our experts!

Service Your Tires in St. Louis Park

Whether you need to have your tires serviced or need to know why your Hyundai check engine light is on, reach out to our service team at Morrie's 394 Hyundai. We’ll get your Hyundai, or whatever you drive, back out on the road quickly and efficiently.


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